Mother earth news isn’t too encouraging. Mother earth has experienced enormous plundering at the control of human beings. Humanity has profoundly influenced the natural course of presence by unabashed self-oriented ingestion of their natural resources at the cost of the different species and indications of character. To get further information check out Glue

Mother earth news: The imbalance

There’s a good imbalance generated from the character with just human beings growing exponentially as a parasite and insect. Where you ever look around you’ll come across structures made by humankind because of its self-interest. Where’s a raw character now? You can not locate some of it.

We’re moving towards the entire devastation and annihilation of earth. We’re sucking off the natural resources of the earth at an alarming speed without producing anything new. We’ve been the reason behind its pollution of the atmosphere, the soil, and the ocean. We’ve destroyed natural habitats and we’re responsible for the extinction of several species on the planet.
Mother earth news: The plundering

We’ve ruined the majority of the vegetation and forest cover throughout the world. We’ve plundered the woods for its own plant resources and animal sources. We’ve cut trees for timber and hunted animals for meat, hide, and also the bones. The largest cat in the world that the tiger is on the brink of extinction since it’s searched for its own bones and hide. It’s so sad to be aware that this imperial monster is killed for its own bones that are employed for the preparation of these so-called traditional medications claiming to grow the devilish masculinity of individual beings. We’ve washed the plant of the woods for coordinated farming. We’ve ruined the biodiversity of the planet in every way that’s possible.

We’ve got overfished from the seas, seas, and rivers and plundered the water-established sources to such an extent that lots of species of fish have disappeared from the surface of the planet. We’ve influenced the natural flora and fauna of the seas largely by over searching, mining, and waste dumping. We’ve hunted down amazing species of the ocean such as wale because of its own flesh.

We’ve pumped out of the natural fossil resources in the heart of the planet for the creation of energy and have battled harmful wars for the management of those natural sources. These fossil-based energy resources are the largest pollutants of the atmosphere and have contributed considerably to global warming.

Mother earth news: Pollution and global warming

We’ve got polluted the soil, the atmosphere, and the sea using poisonous gases, chemicals, and biological agents. We’ve given rise to new diseases like cancer. We’re accountable for the dramatic changes found in the character of global warming and climate change impacting the whole world.

The dilemma is that we’re only going on and on swallowing everything that’s offered in front of us just like an insect or a parasite. We’ve ruined and ruined things that we can’t actually consider creating ourselves. We’ve consumed or destroyed entirely the great inventions of nature for our own personal interest. That is mother earth news.

Mother earth news: Reversing the course

It is time we undo the course. We will need to comprehend the type of hell we’re creating for ourselves. For this to occur, we will need to comprehend and bring out the balance between the feminine and masculine principles inside us that manifests it from the outside world for real and favorable course correction.

To start with we will need to know and comprehend the harmful changes which are happening around the world due to our greed and rampant plundering and devastation of natural resources.

It is time for the stirring to sink all of us which we’ve been the offender species that have consumed the majority of the natural resources on earth in the title of unabashed increase and materialism. We’ve ruined many species and people might wind up producing this ground bare and inhospitable for ourselves and any other dwelling species.

Mother earth news: New versions of development and growth

The present rise and development model followed around the world hasn’t brought any fantastic difference in the general wellbeing of humankind and nature. Past is past and the emerging world markets will need to see they cannot ape the present model of development and growth for a healthy and balanced lifestyle with nature. Should they are the present model they are assuring themselves a future that’s gloomy and dark with a lack of basic amenities such as fresh air, water shelter, and meals. Too bad doesn’t make one great neither two incorrect make one. They can’t put on the debate that the developed markets did it and now we must take our discussion. The issue is that in the end there’ll be nothing left for anyone. The emerging markets with the aid of the developed markets will need to make use of a creative and generative version of presence for humankind where other resources are made and manufactured without putting much strain on character.

Mother earth news: Holistic Method of life

It is time to adopt a holistic way of life that’s in sync with nature. Let us live a lifetime of creative and generative action based on the principles of compassion, love, healing, and nurturing. Let us live a life with a goal of unification of forces and unfold the mysteries of character to get real devolvement and progress of humankind in sync with nature.